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EASY TO READ: Using a pre-set, adjustable rate, points automatically accumulate on the child's wearable when the child is displaying appropriate behavior. Green lights on the face of the device signify point accrual. Each complete rotation increases the child's score by a pre-set amount.

DISCRETE TO CUE: If the child is off task, the adult presses a button on their own device, providing a gentle, private vibration to the child's device as a reminder to resume the desired behavior. With this cue, lights turn yellow and point accumulation stops for a brief, pre-set “time-out” period. If the child resumes the correct behavior, the lights return to green, and point accumulation resumes.

WARNING LIGHT & CONSEQUENCE: Should a second corrective cue be required during the time-out, a pre-determined number of points will be deducted from those already earned. The lights turn red, and the time-out restarts. This occurs for each additional cue required during the time-out period.

COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE: All variables (speed of light revolution, points accumulated per revolution, duration of time-outs, number of points subtracted, etc.) are adjustable so interventions can be tailored to each child’s age and specific needs, and can be changed over time.

SIMPLE TO REWARD: Once back on task after a time-out, the device lights turn green and points begin to accrue once again. At the end of a session (a class period, an activity, a day), children exchange their points for a reward.

Q-ME device glows green when child is on task.
Q-ME device turns yellow after first warning.
Q-ME device turns red and deducts points after second (or more) warning.
After time-out, the Q-ME device returns to awarding points and glows green.
At the end of the Q-ME collection period, chilren receive rewards for good behavior based on point accumulated.
Teacher and student wear Q-ME device in the classroom.

Q-Me is a patented wearable that allows adults to assist children with behavior difficulties. Using Q-Me adults are able to directly and privately identify and address individual behaviors, in real time, without interrupting on-going activities. Based on decades of proven behavioral learning theory, Q-Me provides consistent, automatic rewards, and equally consistent cues and consequences for inappropriate behavior. In addition, Q-Me collects behavioral data that can be used to better understand overall behavior patterns through the day. Q-Me can assist with parenting, removing barriers to learning, as well as monitoring and possibly reducing the need for medications.

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